eParliament.org is people's virtual parliament outside national parliaments and EU Parliament.

eParliament.org encourages citizens to take part in the political issues on a daily basis that matters them most, nor merely surrendering people-power to a proxy every four years.

eParliament.org is the only platform that incorporates all forms of modern democracies: representative, participatory and direct democracy.

All eParliament.orgs services are electronic - no paper, for the sake of the environment. This all-encompassing platform is coming shortly.



eParliament.org considers discrimination is the primary reason of social problems today. Therefore, eParliament.org provides an unmoderated and inclusive online platform to citizens for deliberation to garner citizens' consensus prior to their deliberation in national parliaments in Europe and European parliament. The public-interest agendas for public deliberations will be acquired in accordance with the Right to Public Information law. On behalf of citizens, the outcome of online proceedings in eParliament.org will be forwarded to concerned national parliaments and European Parliament for consideration before parliamentary enactments.